News | 24 Apr 2024

‘Enhancing rural mobility through local action’ – sign up for our upcoming webinar

Join our upcoming Good Practice Webinar on 20 June 2024 and discover inspiring examples of developing smart mobility in and between rural areas and improving accessibility with peri-urban areas.

Enhancing rural mobility through local action
Image by Richard Johnson on Getty Images

The webinar, organised by the Rural Pact Support Office in collaboration with SMARTA-NET, will focus on the role that local communities play in enhancing the mobility options on their territories and contributing to a fair socio-economic development of the area. It will explore three main implications of improving rural mobility:

  • Supporting the development of rural tourism;
  • Enhancing mobility for strengthening access to basic services (e.g. health, education, leisure);
  • Strengthening territorial and social cohesion.

Express your interest to attend by 17 May 2024.