Explore commitments to the Rural Pact made by national and regional governments, as well as EU institutions, expressing their support to the EU’s long-term vision for rural areas.

National and regional governments
EU institutions


Committing to

Junta de Andalucia
  Regional Government of Andalusia (es. Junta de Andalucía), Spain 19 Feb 2024   Implement an integrated, regional vision for rural areas ‘Rural Development Strategy of Andalusia – Horizon 2030’ (es. ‘Estrategia de Desarrollo Rural de Andalucía – Horizonte 2030)

  European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) 24 June 2022  

Mobilise its 329 members representing organised civil society in the 27 Member States.
Further contribute to the facilitation process of the Rural Pact at political level. This could imply, for example:

  • the further participation in the co-design of the Rural Pact;
  • the further participation in the organisation of the biannual Rural Pact conference;
  • the promotion and implementation of the Rural Pact through internal EESC meetings of the Sections/CCMI and Observatories, e.g. on rural mobility, digital transition, … or through the organisation of ad-hoc meetings;
  • the participation in and/or organisation of EU inter institutional meetings/debates to maintain the momentum at EU level;
  • the possible organisation of an EESC civil society prize on rural areas;
  • the possible organisation of a 'Your Europe - Your Say' event with a focus on youth in rural areas.
Public authorities are invited to join the pact and commit to act for the vision on behalf of national and regional government.
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