What is the Rural Pact community platform?

This is an online collaborative tool where you can find all latest information about the Rural Pact and rural revitalisation and interact.

Through the Commission communication on the long-term vision for rural areas, the Commission committed to set-up the rural revitalisation platform, a one-stop shop for information on existing projects and funding possibilities and for rural communities, rural project holders and local authorities to collaborate, with a focus on areas facing population and economic decline.

With the launch of the Rural Pact in December 2021, a growing community of rural actors was created, generating needs for interaction and inspiration for all rural communities more broadly.

The Rural Pact community platform brings together these two demands into one common online collaborative platform, where people can not only find out about the relevant latest information and events, but also share their own pieces of news, connect with others, create groups of people willing to act together and exchange about their topics of interest.

What is it about?

The tool focuses on rural revitalisation, to support areas affected by population loss, ageing and a lack of economic opportunities, by assembling, in one place, useful information and resources. The content is flagged with the “Revitalisation” tag, to be easily identifiable.

The platform also covers the four pillars of the action plan of the long-term vision for rural areas, from creating new opportunities to attract innovative businesses, to ensuring better services, and improving skills. It is identified with the “Rural Pact” tag.

Another interactive tool, the rural toolkit, is also in the making (to be made available in autumn 2023) and will act as a guide for local authorities and stakeholders to get access to the funding opportunities offered by the 2021-2027 budget, in order to promote the revitalisation and integrated local development of rural areas.

Who is it for?

The platform is meant for all rural actors and diverse participants in the Rural Pact: authorities (local, regional, national and European ones), civil society organisations, businesses, academics and citizens alike. People coming from rural areas facing population and economic decline or acting for them are the primary beneficiaries of the revitalisation part of the platform.

Join us to fully enjoy the tool and the interactive experience!