Since the Rural Pact Conference in 2022, all stakeholders interested in acting towards the shared goals of the rural vision are invited to propose commitments to the Rural Pact.   

These are specific actions that they propose according to their capacity. Everyone can contribute and no action is too small.  

Make a difference by supporting rural areas and inspiring others - submit your commitment to the Rural Pact!

Public authorities can also join the pact and act for the vision on behalf of national and regional governments - explore Public Authorities' Commitments to the Rural Pact.


Who committed?  

Up to January 2024, 121 commitments have been submitted, including 68 formal commitments and 53 ideas for actions that committers are still elaborating. Contributors can commit as individuals or as part of an organisation. Currently, most commitments are made by organisations 


Chart 1: Commitments to the Rural Pact 
Chart 1: commitments to the Rural Pact

The profiles and types of organisation that have submitted commitments are diverse, including civil society organisations, public authorities, academic/research institutions and businesses. Most of them work in areas such as rural development, regional policy, culture, environment, research and innovation, education and training, agriculture, migration and asylum, digital economy, and public health.   


Chart 2: Type of organisation 
 Name Chart 2 Type of organisation

The submissions span 20 EU Member States and 1 non-EU Member State (Norway), with Spain, Italy, and Belgium in the lead. 

Chart 3: Country breakdown of commitments 
Chart 3 Country breakdown of commitments

What did they commit to? 

The commitments cover a wide range of issues and ways to address them, reflecting the diversity of actors and areas involved in the Rural Pact. 

While some commit to a single activity, others plan to undertake several. For example, 47 commitments plan more than one of the activities listed below.  


Chart 4: Types of activity 
Chart 4: Types of activity

Depending on the envisaged activities, commitments contribute to one or more of the Pact's objectives. Chart No 5 below reflects the totality of actions contributing to each objective, rather than the totality of commitments. 

Chart 5: Contributions to Rural Pact objectives 
Chart 5 Contributions to Rural Pact objectives

Charts No 6 and 7 below illustrate the number of commitments supporting each Rural Vision block of action and associated theme, respectively. Here again, any commitment may contribute to multiple blocks and themes, and about half (56) contribute to more than one block of the vision. 


Chart 6: Contributions to the Rural Vision blocks of action 
Chart 6: Contributions to the Rural Vision blocks of action
Chart 7: Contributions to the Rural Vision themes 
Chart 7 Contributions to the Rural Vision themes


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Last update: January 2024