What are the enabling factors of rural revitalisation?

The European network for rural development assembled a thematic group on rural revitalisation. It has identified five enabling factors which drive the success of rural revitalisation policies and grouped them it two building blocks: 

Pie of rural context and building blocks

Building Block 1 (Structures)

Covers policy design, coordination and integration (focusing on national, regional levels) and includes the following factors: 

  • I. Integrated strategies 
  • II. Multilevel governance 

Building Block 2 (People)

Covers Local empowerment, capacity building and innovation (focus on national, regional and local levels) and includes the following factors: 

  • III. Local capacities 
  • IV. Territorial cooperation 
  • V. Local innovation 

Supporting these enabling factors through policies puts rural stakeholders in greater capacity to address the challenges and opportunities in their context (outer part of wheel) to move from a poor situation to a better one in key areas such as infrastructure, services, social inclusion, environment, basic goods.