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What are Community Groups?

Community Groups are dedicated online spaces within the Rural Pact Community Platform (RPCP) that bring together stakeholders to connect with peers, exchange, share information such as publications, news, events or implement any other joint action around a specific shared interest or topic relevant for the Rural Vision. 

The value of these Community Groups emerges from the collective action that exchanges can trigger from the community and all its members. 

The Community Groups enable the members of the Rural Pact to coordinate their efforts and actions in or for rural areas while demonstrating their commitment and contribution to the Rural Pact objectives and the goals of the long-term vision for rural areas. Each Community Group is animated, moderated and managed by one or more Community coordinators. These are European or national stakeholder organisations and institutes who commit to bring forward a specific Community Group within the Rural Pact.  

All members of the Rural Pact can join any relevant Community Group. Find the right Group for you:

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How can I join and participate in the Community Groups? 

All stakeholders can express interest to join the Community Groups through the following steps:

The coordinators of Community Groups will review the applications and take the final decision to accept or not the application of a member based on the purpose and focus of each group. 

When joining a Community Group, the members will adhere to comply and respect the Principles for the participation in the Rural Pact Community Groups as defined in the document below:

English language

Principles for the participation in the Rural Pact Community Groups

(PDF – 195.88 KB)

If you are interested to create a Community Group, you can find more information here.

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