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Transforming rural areas through the New European Bauhaus (NEB)

The "BAUHAUS EUROACE Network of Villages for the Future" project, financed by the New European Bauhaus (NEB), has launched a policy brief emphasising the crucial role of rural villages within the European Union (EU).

This document offers policy recommendations and calls for an integrated approach to rural development, recognising rural villages as dynamic centres that contribute greatly to the European environment. 

The policy brief aligns with NEB's vision, portraying rural villages as hubs of innovation and sustainable practices. It advocates for a holistic development that bridges the urban-rural divide, highlighting the need to involve inhabitants in the creation of spaces they want and need. The brief specifically addresses municipalities in Portugal and regions in Spain that fall under the BAUHAUS EUROACE VILLAGES NETWORK. Focused on tackling the "demographic challenge," suggested actions include attracting businesses that utilise local resources, applying the New European Bauhaus in economically vulnerable border regions, enhancing sustainable transport options, and encouraging shared services across the border.  


Promoting the regeneration of rural areas according to principles of sustainability, inclusion, and beauty, the BAUHAUS EUROACE project invites everyone to join in fostering a future where rural villages continue to shape the European landscape and communities. 


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