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SMARTA - NET: Pioneering the future of smart rural mobility solutions

Building on the foundation of SMARTA and SMARTA 2, SMARTA- NET takes the lead in transforming rural mobility. Led by DG MOVE, this third edition of SMARTA aims to make rural travel more sustainable and empowers local authorities to innovate.

SMARTA-NET, a European Commission's initiative under the European Commission's Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE), focuses on enhancing sustainable and resilient mobility connections. It aims to link rural areas, isolated regions including islands, and urban locations, with a particular emphasis on supporting ecotourism. This involves the creation of a European Rural Mobility Network that engages rural municipalities and other regions across Europe for capacity-building, knowledge and experience exchange.  

Additionally, guidelines will be developed on Mobility & Tourism, Sustainable Rural Mobility Plans, Policy & Financing, along with the provision of training to members of the European Rural Mobility Network. The SMARTA-NET initiative showcases EU's commitment to equitable mobility, promising to reshape transportation landscapes and enhance the lives of rural communities.  


For more information, you can visit the project website