News | 21 Jun 2024

Rural innovation gets a gender boost through a new Community of Practice

The FLIARA project recently launched a Community of Practice and visibility campaign to support and accelerate women-led innovation in rural areas. The new Community, driven by 20 ambassadors, will enable networking and collaboration among key stakeholders, and share success stories of innovative women-led practices.


The FLIARA Community of Practice, launched on 30 May 2024, aspires to become a platform for training, knowledge exchange, and driving innovation in the rural sector. The FLIARA project has identified 200 innovative practices that promote sustainable and viable rural environments across 10 EU countries – these will provide a basis for exchange and a source of inspiration for aspiring and established female innovators.

The inaugural event of the Community will be followed by a series of online and in-person events, next up in Galway, Ireland on 1-2 July 2024.

FLIARA is an EU-funded project that works to develop practical tools and policy recommendations to ensure women are fully integrated into and supported by an effective innovation ecosystem.

Discover the latest Rural Pact resources on women and join the dedicated online Community Group to exchange and network with peers from across Europe.