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Key ingredients to make the Rural Pact happen in Member States

If you are wondering how to make the Rural Pact happen in your country or region, this Policy Briefing of the Rural Pact Support Office provides you with the key ingredients needed to foster concerted action towards meeting the objectives of the long-term vision for the EU’s rural areas.

The Rural Pact serves as a pivotal mechanism, mobilising stakeholders across governance levels to realise the long-term vision for EU’s rural areas and its associated shared goals.  In addition to the efforts done at EU level, the Rural Pact must extend its reach to stakeholders and governments at national, regional, and local levels, involving public authorities and engaging civil society organisations to achieve results. The latest Policy Briefing of the Rural Pact Support Office ‘Making the Rural Pact happen in Member States' outlines  a number of elements that Member States can implement to contribute to the Rural Pact objectives at national or regional level. These elements include:

  • Structures and mechanisms to engage with rural communities; 
  • A designated government member and dedicated services to deal with rural issues across policies; 
  • Capacity building and networking support for a broad array of actors and stakeholders; 
  • A forward-looking vision, implemented through a holistic strategy/action plan; 
  • Effective rural proofing and adequate data systems; 
  • Appropriate governance systems to facilitate coordination; and 
  • Mechanisms to coordinate the allocation of funding and ensure synergies.

Collectively, these elements constitute the essential components of a thriving Rural Pact. Each specific solution is adaptable to the nuances of the national context, encompassing tailored adjustments for legal and administrative frameworks, funding sources, organisational culture, and stakeholder capacities. 

For a more in-depth exploration of each vital ingredient and to uncover specific examples, delve into the Policy Briefing. This comprehensive resource is enriched with insights from the collaborative efforts of the Rural Pact Community and the contributions of the members of the Rural Pact Coordination Group. 

Translations in all EU languages to be available by mid-December.

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