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High-level Rural Policy Forum: 'Shaping the future of rural areas'

The High-level Rural Policy Forum gathered key political actors to advance the political agenda for the future of rural areas, prepare a fruitful debate in the Council of the EU, and support Member States to take action and unlock the potential of rural areas in achieving the objectives of the EU Rural Vision.

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The event helped to move forward, towards greater complementarities among different policy instruments and strategies. It was co-organised by the Spanish presidency of the Council of the European Union and the European Commission, with the support of the Rural Pact Support Office. 

The Forum gathered 200 participants, primarily policy-makers and public authorities at EU and national levels from all 27 Member States, involved in the management of EU funds under the EU’s Common Agricultural and Cohesion Policies. The event further involved representatives of EU networks and initiatives, regional and local authorities, civil society organisations, and academic institutions.

  • Enable high-level policy exchanges among national authorities to contribute to the conclusions of the Council of the EU on the implementation of the EU’s Rural Vision;
  • Share experiences about how EU policies and funds can best contribute to achieving the Rural Vision in key policy priority areas for the Spanish Council Presidency and explore ways in which the Rural Pact can add value;
  • Establish a dialogue on enhanced multi-level governance frameworks and participatory structures allowing to listen to rural actors’ voices and enhance the design of rural policies that enable them to act in the framework of the Rural Pact.

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