Online launch of the Self-Assessment Tool for Territorial and Local Development strategies (SAT4TER)

This brief online session will launch the new SAT4TER tool (Self-Assessment Tool for Territorial and Local Development strategies). SAT4TER is a free and anonymous tool for local and managing authorities to self-evaluate if their territorial strategies build on the main elements of the EU integrated approach to territorial development in non-urban areas.

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The launch event will overview the policy context and scientific rationale of the tool, and feature a live demo and interactive Q&A session.

Based on the Handbook of Territorial and Local Development strategies, SAT4TER focuses on six building blocks of territorial development:

  1. a strategic vision for the sustainable development of non-urban areas;

  2. integration across spatial territorial scales;

  3. multi-level and multi-stakeholder governance;

  4. integration across sectors;

  5. integration of multiple sources of funding;

  6. monitoring and consolidating a result-oriented strategies.

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